August 19, 2007

Who needs storage?

While surfing around looking for home bar plans, I came across an article on HGTV's website about a woman who, frustrated with the lack of space in her house, decided to rip all of the coats out of her hall closet and convert it into a bar!

From the original article...
Designer Beth McNally removed the doors off one of her closets and added a wallpaper with a bookshelf motif to the back wall. She painted the sides a deep, rich red and added glass shelving to hold barware. The bar itself is made from PVC pipe, which she painted an antique gold, and fitted with a glass top. A gilded mirror above is a final touch that turned a small, rarely used closet into a cozy bar perfect for entertaining.

The finished product:

Not a bad idea, eh? Looks like she did a decent job of it too. I was thinking that maybe I should start with a smaller job like this. Then I got to thinking that, if I converted our hall closet into a bar, I would end up having to convert my basement into an apartment for me to live in after my wife banishes me there, so I think I'll just stick with Plan A for now.

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Stacie said...

I so really love this idea. This is what I want to achieve in helping people open their minds up with on having limited space in their homes- on my website a progress in the making. I am still learning how to use this blog spot, so if I don't follow that's why.
Thank you,